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NationBuilder Application Cookies


NationBuilder's platform allows you to create and manage your website, database, email, social media marketing, donations, and events. As your users navigate your NationBuilder sites, the application creates several cookies in their browser, to perform functions such as facilitating the use of certain features, or storing login details.  


NationBuilder Cookies

The following is a list of the cookies that NationBuilder creates, and a description of what each is used for. All of these cookies are considered necessary by NationBuilder in order to facilitate the functioning of the sites on the platform. This list does not contain any cookies that come from embedded site content or 3rd party integrations.

Name What this cookie is used for Expiration
_nbuild_login Used to identify the user's control panel login. 2 weeks
_nbuild_nocache Used for determining if content caching should be used. 1 year
_nbuild_session The session key that is used to identify the user's current session on the site. session
_nbuild_token Creates an authenticity token for use on forms to prevent CSRF attacks. session
_public_login Used with 'remember me' to identify the user's public site login. 2 weeks
ban This is used to mark someone that tries to login with a banned account. 1 month


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