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We have been trying out a new feature with our team for a few weeks and absolutely love it. Today we are thrilled to share it with all of you. 

Introducing NationBuilder Match!

NationBuilder Match

NationBuilder now automatically matches a person's email address to their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Klout profiles. 

Match means that when someone sends you an email, you can not only instantly see their picture, bio, existing website, and tweets -- you can also see how they are connected to your most active supporters. Match turns an email address into a person.

I know what you are thinking... "I MUST HAVE THIS THIS RIGHT NOW!" :) 

Here's how:

a. If you are on the new pricing (where email mailboxes and blasting are included) go into Settings > Billing & Addons and click the Match checkbox. You will need to be an admin of your nation. There is no additional charge.

b. If you don't see the Match checkbox, it means you were grandfathered into the old pricing. Just send us an email and we can move you onto the new pricing that includes Match. Your point person will let you know how your monthly bill will change. 

c. All new nations have Match automatically turned on. 

Our VP of Community, Adriel Hampton, will be showing how Match can help you organize during today's episode of NationBuilder Live at 4pm ET/1pm PT.

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