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NationBuilder staff will be in a company-wide summit from Wednesday, July 11 through Friday, July 13.

We will be checking and responding to tech support emails periodically during this time. Phone support will be unavailable through the following weekend, and normal phone service will return on Monday, July 16. Between July 11 and July 13, please email us with your tech support questions at, or submit a request via the messenger button in your control panel. We’ll try to resolve questions or technical issues as soon as we can.

Community-building is essential to how we connect and grow as a staff at NationBuilder. Our bi-annual summits give staff an opportunity to reconnect to the mission and vision of NationBuilder, strategize about how to advance our priority of providing world-class service to our customers, and build community with one another.

We appreciate your patience and support while we focus as an entire company on strategy and readiness for the coming year.

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