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Introducing Subnations: Empower your local groups with their own nations

Many of the groups we talk to about organizing share a common concern: they want to grow their parent organization while empowering chapters and local groups to branch out on their own. With our new subnations feature and the Enterprise edition of NationBuilder, you can do exactly that.

NationBuilder’s subnations are suitable for national and international nonprofits with active chapters, political committees and parties, religious groups, service organizations, labor internationals and more.

The subnations add-on allows nations to:

  • share custom designed themes exclusively with their subnations;
  • auto-import contact info for staffers and supporters of their subnations;
  • post a bulletin to the control panel of all subnations;
  • search for staffers and supporters by which subnations they are active in;
  • pay for subnations entirely, pay for a portion of each subnation, or let the subnations pay for themselves  NationBuilder can handle all the billing.

By default, new subnations signed up through your nation will be on standard NationBuilder pricing (starting at $19 a month) with full access to our entire feature set. Subnations will not have the ability to log into your nation (unless you want them to), nor will your nation be able to login to your subnations (unless they want you to). With subnations, you get a new page type, “nation signup” which looks just like it does on, except it’s entirely in your own theme. Send that link out to your local groups and let them sign up.

To learn more, contact your organizer, or just drop us an email.

You can view the FAQs related to subnations here:

What are subnations?

I've added the subnation addon to my NationBuilder subscription. How do I connect and disconnect subnations?

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