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NationBuilder Nexus

NationBuilder Nexus

Integrate your nation with Zapier

NationBuilder Nexus helps you to connect various applications (like QuickBooks, MailChimp, Eventbrite, Trello, Salesforce, Google Sheets, Wufoo, 123ContactForm, Google Calendar, SurveyMonkey etc.) to your nation and automates the entire workflow of copying and moving data for you between your nation and the respective application.


7 day free trial and $30/mo (billed $360 annually) or $25/month (billed $600 biennially).


(+91) 708 775 4444 ·

About the app

  • Sync new users and their donations from your nation to QuickBooks and Google sheets along with the tracking code.
  • Sync your nation’s events with Google Calendar and Eventbrite.
  • Create single page surveys using SurveyMonkey, Wufoo and 123ContactForm and sync them with your nation.
  • Add users from your nation to a Mailchimp list.
  • Create custom registration forms through Wufoo and 123ContactForm and sync new users with your nation.
  • Sync your nation’s new contacts with Salesforce.
  • Send SMS to your nation’s new users whenever they register on your nation or make a successful donation, etc.
  • Integrate all the Zapier apps with your nation.
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