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Membership Status is not working in Webhooks

Currently we are trying to connect a forum system with an enterprise client using the API. It is essential that we are able to update membership status to the other system using webhooks. Updates to membership fields are not causing any updates to records in “Person Changed” webhook. There is a variable indicated there “Membership_level_name”. But no change in a person’s membership status triggers any action. Additional Info: This bug has been confirmed by Farz as not working. We are really working on a short timeline. Being able to sort this bug is key to this model working for this client which serves as a potential basis for a large number of other enterprise projects with the same provider.


Thanks for alerting us to this issue. It appears that "membership_level_name" is a legacy field from our older membership model. We no longer actively write to that field from Membership Type so it's not expected to cause a webhook to fire. We will consider rethinking how this is structured so that membership changes can cause webhooks to fire but don't have a timeline yet.

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