Decision roadmap for implementing NationBuilder Network

Networks are complex organizations. When implementing new technology, several decisions need to be made to guide the process. This list of questions will help you think about what you want to accomplish using NationBuilder Network. Making these decisions before beginning the implementation process is advised.

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Decision roadmap:

What do you want to track?
Tip: Tracking relationships is important for any network to succeed, and setting quantifiable goals will help you measure your success.

How do you want to utilize workflows across organizations?

Tip: If you have clear goals, then you can create effective paths, step-by-step workflows, for supporters to engage with your organization.

What is your audience segmentation?

Tip: Knowing your audiences is helpful when first importing people into your nation, and will also help you create the voices of your nation.

How do you want to create your network?

Tip: An implementation package from the NationBuilder Services Team can help you think through this decision roadmap and set up your network, including setting up your headquarters and networked nations.

What types of data need to be shared across each networked nation?

Tip: Data living in one nation may need to be shared with tags with another nation.

Do you need to integrate with other systems?

Tip: If the apps you are using are not currently integrated with NationBuilder, you may need to develop integration for your networked nations using the NationBuilder API.

Who will be using Single Sign-on (SSO)?

Tip: You can allow control panel users or all supporters to log in using SSO.

How will you manage access to each area of your HQ control panel?

Tip: Defining permission levels for your employees or volunteers is recommended. For example, your accountant may have access to the Finances section of the control panel, but not to the Communication section. Consider creating permission levels in each networked nation.

Who will be responsible for the networked nations?

Tip: You can set up networked nations and assign control panel users. Or your chapters can come to your website to sign up for a networked nation. 

How much support will you provide networked nations?

Tip: You can set up the components of a networked nation ahead of time: connect a custom domain, provide an SSL certificate, share a custom website and email themes. Or you can ask chapters to complete installation themselves.

What kind of support will you need from NationBuilder?

Tip: Does headquarters have resources dedicated to training new users? How will you onboard emerging chapters? NetworkCare, premium support from NationBuilder, can provide resources to your organization to ensure everyone 

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