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A lot of my donors are opting out of emails. It's probably by accident. Please fix.

This is a problem I have had with NationBuilder for several years. A good chunk of people who donate to my campaigns are then opted out of receiving emails. My guess is that the overwhelming majority of these people are doing so by accident. They may want less email but not to be completely removed from getting any email at all from the campaign.

Why would someone donate to a campaign and then asked to be completely removed from contact with that campaign? It doesn't make sense. I guarantee my campaigns have lost money and volunteers from this, because people do it accidentally.

I batch update all of our donors when I remember to do so, to re-opt everyone back in. It would really make more sense just to have an unsubscribe on the website but not on the donate page.. It's a really frustrating glitch. I think it needs to be fixed.

Thanks for reading.


Update 7/28 - we just completed some work to make sure this doesn't happen anymore. If you see it again please let us know.

Update again! - Sorry folks - looks like this is working when the user is _logged_in_ but not working in other cases. We will let you know when there are updates. 

Update - please see below for an update from Brian.

Update - we are seeing this issue pop up again. The default uncheck box is not working as expected. We will continue to monitor and update here with any changes. 

Noah - this is fixed on all new NationBuilder themes and has been for a few months - it is possible that you have a custom theme that is preventing the fix from going through. Can you please email with the link to the page where you are having the issue? We can take a deeper look at your theme. 


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