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Not all of Meetup RSVPs are showing on NationBuilder event page

I have an event page connected to a Meetup event via a URL and I am seeing that I have more RSVPs on Meetup than I do in NationBuilder. I have not had any new RSVPs come in to my nation in the last 21 days but have had RSVPs in Meetup since that time. I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting and that did not bring in anyone new. 

not planned

We’ve made the decision to deprecate Meetup within NationBuilder due to minimal customer usage of the integration and the cost of maintaining it within the platform.

Existing events with configured Meetup URLs will not change, but later this week users will no longer see the option to add a new Meetup URL to an event. The Meetup profile link associated with a given signup will not be changed at this time, but we do have plans to remove it in the future.

For customers who wish to bring Meetup RSVPs into NationBuilder, we recommend configuring that through a Zapier connection via Nexus or Infinity.

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