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Notification emails

Notification emails are sent automatically when someone takes action. By default, control panel users receive notifications for all activities taken by people assigned to them and for people/pages they are following. Similarly, when a logged-in supporter follows reactions on a webpage, they will receive notification emails when activity occurs on that page.

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Notification email purpose and design

These emails are designed to alert the recipient and encourage the recipient to take action within the nation. 

  • Notification emails are sent from
  • The content of the email cannot be edited.
  • To take action based on the notification, send a new email or log into your nation. 
  • Do not reply to a notification email - doing so will not connect you to anyone.

Here is an example notification email:

example notification email

Adjust when notification emails are received

A control panel user can adjust when they receive notification emails from Settings > Your account > Email notifications.

Notifications can be sent when activities occur within specific groups of people:

  • Everyone: whenever someone does something.
  • Assign to you: when someone assigned to you takes action.
  • Following: when people you are following take action, or when something happens on a page you are following.

Activities that can trigger a notification email:

  • New comments
  • New donations
  • New pledges
  • New invoice payments
  • Point person changes
  • New contacts
  • New notes
  • New pages published
  • New flags on comments or pages
  • New event RSVPs
  • New feedback
  • New volunteer signups
  • New petition signatures
  • New endorsements
  • New suggestions
  • New surveys
  • New vote pledges

After adjusting the checkboxes next to each of these activities, you must click the Save notifications settings save_notification_settings_button.pngbutton to save your changes.

 Please note that new signup activity on a signup page will not generate notification activity.

Settings for another control panel user can be changed by editing that person's profile and going to Edit > Notifications. Only control panel user profiles have a notifications section. 

Following reactions

In addition to control panel users, logged-in supporters can follow pages. When a supporter creates a user-submitted event or blog post, they will be added as a follower of the page. Similarly, when someone comments on a page, they are automatically added as a follower of the page. Following reactions on a page means that the person will receive emails when new comments are posted or when the page is deleted. These page notification emails always include a link to unfollow the page.

How to grant control panel access

Point people

How to edit a profile

If you’re unclear on how this feature works, please ask a question. If you would like to see changes to this feature, please submit a suggestion.