Find person endpoint - empty response instead of 404 error

Zapier wants us to have an option to find a person by email so that the end user doesn’t have to enter the person_id (e.g. donor_id) in the endpoints where it’s required. We tried ‘Find Person’ endpoint, however, it throws 404 error if no record is found. 404 leads to the halting of zap. We also proposed ‘Push Person’, however, Zapier wants us to provide an option so end-user doesn’t have to force Create/Update action to get a user’s id. This is only possible if you allow an empty response instead of throwing 404 in ‘Find Person’ endpoint. Is there any specific reason of throwing 404 instead of an empty response?


Thank you - we can definitely see how that error is confusing. We are sending 400 because no usable data was sent back to the user. We will keep this in mind with any future updates to the API. 

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