NationBuilder Everyday Leaders Omoyosola Adenuga

Omoyosola Adenuga

South-East London, UK

Omoyosola is a Top #EverydayLeader of 2020 for her volunteer work with Parents and Communities Together (PACT), which has helped to remedy digital exclusion in her community at a time when internet access has been most essential.

“For me, leadership is far more than what you could achieve as [one] person. I see it as making an impact, touching lives, changing situations that are difficult. Personally, I don't see myself as such a 'leader,' someone who is at the top. I just want to touch lives. I just want to change situations for people when I can."

“I love PACT so much because they encourage you on anything, on everything, even when you think you cannot do it. There's this push they give, and this self confidence it imbued in me has actually helped me take on the cause. You can't be a leader if you don't have people who are supporting you, so I see this teamwork as something that has pushed me forward.”

“Nothing comes quite easy, like we all think it should, but there's this satisfaction that you get when you help somebody. When you lift others up, you actually lift yourself up as well. You're happy, you're excited, you're full of joy. So that's enough reason for you to want to help someone… When I make these calls and [help people get online], and they say, 'Thank you—you just made my day.' I just feel so excited, so happy, like I'm really touching lives. That is what I want to achieve in my life, in my own small, little way, I'm doing that.”

— Omoyosola Adenuga

Nominated by Wilhelmina Perry:

“Omoyosola has been an inspiration to many in our community. Her support has not only facilitated the communities’ work to tackle Digital Exclusion but has also ensured that the families in need of the most support are visible and included. While navigating her own daily struggles throughout this pandemic her support has improved wellbeing, a sense of belonging and increased our families’ online skills.”

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