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Error message "Page content can't be empty" when trying to update basic page WYSIWYG

I am trying to update the content in the "Content" tab of a basic page on my website. This page happens to be the homepage and the WYSIWYG currently has some text and photos in it -- nothing crazy. When trying to update anything in there and clicking "Save Content", the page reloads and gives me the error "Page content can't be blank" (despite there being page content there). It is also worth noting that when the page reloads with that error, it drops "/edit" from the URL but still goes to the "/edit" page somehow.

Here's a screenshot of what it looks like after the page reloads when clicking "Save Content":


not planned

It turns out that none of the fields for this page were editable, which is strange, but I ended up deleting the page and re-creating it using a new basic page. This worked and the new page is fully editable.

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