Upgrading paid membership

July 1, 2014: Membership features have been upgraded to allow more flexibility and your community strategist may have already contacted you about this change. Existing memberships and recurring donations will not be affected. Only paid membership pages are affected.

Donation and invoice pages are replacing paid membership pages. If you are currently using paid membership pages, we will work with you to make the transition as smooth as possible. Below you will find details about the migration process and information on transitioning customized webpages. 

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How paid membership migration works

When your nation is migrated to the new system, a new donation or invoice page will be created for each paid membership level on a paid membership page. 

  • The settings on the paid membership level will transfer to the new donation page.
  • If the "automatically renew" box is checked:
    • the donation page will be a monthly payments page
    • the amount will change to reflect a monthly conversion. For example, if the previous payment cycle was selected as $12 every 3 months, it will now be broken down into monthly payments of $4.
  • The donation page will be a one-time payment page if the membership length is over a year.
  • The purchase button for each membership on an existing paid membership page will now point to the appropriate donation page for payment.
  • The concept of membership badges has been removed. While the badge previously displayed a short text about the membership, an empty space will appear instead.
  • You can still use the membership description to display a sentence about the membership type. 

Transitioning non-monthly payment options

All existing memberships in your nation will continue untouched. All recurring membership payments will continue indefinitely and can be cancelled, but not modified, at any time.

Going forward, new recurring donations will only be accepted on a monthly basis. Future members will only have the option to purchase membership with a one-time payment or monthly payments. This means that paid membership levels set to "auto-renew" on a non-monthly schedule will change:

  • Daily will become monthly.
  • Monthly but not every month will become monthly with the cost divided by the number of months the membership is sold. For example, $30 every 3 months becomes $10 every month.
  • Yearly will become one-time. For example, $100 auto-renewing every 2 years becomes $100 one-time payment for a 2-year membership.

Paid membership pages are being deprecated

  • Existing paid membership pages will continue to function.
  • Paid membership pages will not be included in new nations.
  • You will not be able to edit existing paid membership pages.
  • You will not be able to clone a site with paid membership pages.
  • You can make a page with a list of membership types using liquid.

Create a page with a list of membership types

It's possible to create a page that mimics the look and functionality of the deprecated paid membership page type, with a tiled layout that shows a title, description, pricing, and a link to each of your membership types.

First, download the Membership Page Kit, upload the included _membership_excerpt.html partial template to the Files area of your custom theme, and publish the theme.

Next, we'll build the page template to showcase the different membership types. Create a new page with the "Basic" page type, and click on the Template tab. Just below the {{ page.basic.content }} liquid tag, insert the following code block:

<ul class='membership-list"

{% subpage "membership_default_page_1" with "membership_excerpt"%}

{% subpage "membership_default_page_2" with "membership_excerpt"%}

Your template should now look like this:

Where "membership_default_page_1",  "membership_default_page_2",  "membership_default_page_3" refer to the page slugs of the default pages associated with your membership types. For example, if you only have one membership type, with its default page located at http://your_nation.nationbuilder.com/membership_default_page, your snippet should look like this:

<ul class='membership-list"

{% subpage "membership_default_page_" with "membership_excerpt"%}


Simply save and publish the page template to complete the installation. Your webpage will look like this:

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If you’re unclear on how this feature works, please ask a question. If you would like to see changes to this feature, please submit a suggestion.