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Data entry for lists should allow more data to be entered

Data entry view for lists currently allows only support level and contact status to be entered. This is far too little. At a minimum, should easily be able to add phone number and email address to each person as you do them. Suggest also volunteer status (and hopefully you'll do something about lawn signs). The purpose of canvassing in the first place is not just to determine their support level, but if they are a 1, to fill out more data on them and add them to your email list, right?  Right now to add that data, you have to click on their name, THEN click on Edit, THEN add the phone and email, THEN save that, THEN go back to the walk list.  Far too many clicks. Put the phone and email and volunteer fields right on the walk sheet data entry.


Considering as part of a larger update to our entry view. 

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