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Point Person Contacts in Dashboard has Discrepancies

We use the contacts view in the Dashboard to track our team member's progress but recently we've discovered a discrepancy between the numbers that this graph reflects versus the numbers that are pulled when we run filters for the same information.


For example, for this last month the dashboard reflects 411 face to face contacts:



However, the filter for this information (which we believe is actually correct) reflects 1,480 face to face contacts:



The same discrepancies can be seen within a specific individual's data.  Here is the dashboard for one of our team members:





Versus that same individual in a filter:



For what it's worth, contact types are still enabled in this nation because it is needed for an app integration that is being used and we wonder if this has anything to do with the problem.  We've noticed that the dashboard view does appear differently in this nation than it does in others.  In this nation, with contact types, the dashboard view appears as:



While in nation's with paths enabled it appears like so:




Thanks for reporting this issue. It's possible that because contact types are still enabled the data is not correct but we are not certain that is the issue. This is something we will consider but does not have a timeline yet. 

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