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Door-to-door outreach with automatically created walk lists

Polis is a simple, easy to use, door knocking app that was created by former canvassers/campaign staffers. Unlike most door knocking apps, Polis automatically creates walk-lists for canvassers instantly which saves campaigns time and money. Our patented algorithms also ensure your canvassers are taking the best walking routes so they can reach more voters.


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About the app

  • Start canvassing immediately: Polis generates ideal walking routes based on canvassers’ locations within seconds.
  • Track your progress: Canvassers can see how many voters they’ve contacted and how much support they’ve gathered.
  • Real-time results: Polis’ web app displays the results of canvasses live as each door is knocked.
  • No office data entry: Canvassers enter data as they walk between houses.
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