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A precinct is a geographical unit of a city or town. Generally, it is the smallest district involved in a political campaign. You must enable voter features in order to view precincts. Enable these features at Settings > Defaults > Basics

How precincts are created

1. When a voter file is imported from the NationBuilder Election Center, precinct is included automatically.

Within NationBuilder, a precinct is defined by its precinct_code and precinct_name. This means that if one record is imported with precinct_code "001" and precinct_name "nil" (i.e. an empty field) and a second record is imported with precinct_code "001" and precinct_name "Wells Ward," the records will be placed in separate precincts. 

2. Precincts can also be imported in one-time and voter imports.

3. New precincts can also be created in People > More > Precincts.

View precincts

You must have voter features enabled to view precincts. A list of precincts is available in People > More > Precincts.

view all precincts in People section

Precinct captains

A point person can be assigned to each precinct - creating precinct captains.

In People > More > Precincts, click on the edit button next to the name of a precinct. This will take you to the settings section of the precinct.

edit precinct settings

Select the name of the point person, then click the "Save precinct" button. 

Delete precincts

Go to People > More > Precincts.

edit or delete precincts

To delete a single precinct, click the trash icon to the right of the precinct name. Deleting a precinct does not delete the profiles assigned to that precinct. You can remove profiles individually or batch remove people

Empty precincts can be deleted en masse. Click the Delete empty precincts button at the top of the Precincts section.

How to import a voter file

Fields available for import

How to remove a profile

How to batch remove people