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"More" includes: restrictions for EU data points, importing voter data updates, and a change to what it means to be mailable.

Cool email things:

  • Hello, Mr. / Mrs. / Ms. / Dr. - You can now add a prefix to your email blast using liquid.
  • You can now send test emails to multiple email addresses
  • When editing your blast you can now toggle to see how your email looks on mobile.


Cool things that have been updated:

  • When turning off the social share for a suggestion box it’s now turned off for all suggestions.
  • When you have to sign in you are now redirected back to the page you were on.
  • Importing voter districts now adds absentee and early voter boxes on profiles.
  • If the first part of a mailing address (arguably, the most important part) is not mailable the entire address will not be mailable.
  • We removed the fields Place of worship, Ethnicity & Religion from nations in the EU to comply with local privacy standards.

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