Public profiles don't retain recruiter link when fundraising goal is enabled on Action theme

When a donation page is listed in a website's supporter nav and public profiles are enabled, clicking on the donate button via that public profile should add a recruiter link snippet to the normal donate page URL.

Instead of the donor going, they land on[[signup.ID]]

While the donor experience is the same, the result of that URL snippet makes the public profile a fundraiser. This is outlined in NationBuilder's utilize public profiles and how recruiters are tracked how tos. 

It appears that specifically with the Action theme, when the fundraiser goal is enabled on a profile



the link attached to that goal on the public profile does not contain the ?recruiter_ID=[[signup.ID]] snippet. This means donations through public profiles need to be manually linked to a fundraiser after the fact instead of automatically attributing leading to confusion.




Update 11.20.2017

This should now be resolved. When using the Action theme, the donate link generated after you set a fundraising goal for a profile will include the recruiter snippet.


Thanks Thomas I will let our design team know!

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