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commented on Option to control triggering webhook from API
Our situation is as follows:

1. Change event in NationBuilder triggers a webhook
2. We review the change in code, decide whether or not to update the record, then add a new tag
3. After the new tag is added the webhook is triggered again

To avoid extra handling and the potential for looping, is it possible for our step 2 not to trigger the change webhook?

There’s an option for this on the import page, but we can’t appear to find the option via the API. There are some other API’s which we use have this functionality which helps us with some complex operations.
posted 2017-03-15 22:58:05 -0700
commented on Webhooks Overview

Is there any chance to update a record using API and not trigger the webhook.
posted 2017-03-05 21:15:10 -0800