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NationBuilder questions

If you have a question about how to accomplish something, submit a question and our team will respond. You will automatically receive email notifications when your question receives an answer or comment.

For answers ASAP you can search our documentation for step-by-step instructions on all our core features.


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Modify auto-replies

Kiosk Volunteer Signup

Multiple names for RSVP's for events

How can I easily share a personalized recruiter link with all of my supporters?

Tables won't save alignments

Can I add a line to my robots.txt?

Editing Email Template

Regularly Scheduled Events

How do I use the old turf cutting tool?

Can I setup an email autoresponse for survey pages?

I'm new to this... what is a subpage and how does it work?

Can I send an individual private message to everyone that "liked" my Facebook Page?

Is there any user forum or such like

Deleting donor records?

Toplevel redirect page appears also in its subnav

Formatting Emails

Adding a store/shopping cart

Sub-page links at top of page (breadcrumbs)