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EU-based field canvassing app to organize and mobilize supporters on the ground.

Unleash the power of your communities with Quorum

Quorum is an action-focused platform & mobile app that allows you to mobilize around your cause.

Organize and communicate with your volunteers; invite them to take action (canvassing, actions, sharing messages, peer-to-peer calling) and turn anyone into an active supporter! We provide an easy and fun-to-use mobile app to every volunteer to : gather documents, prep materials, engage conversations, lead surveys, get involved in local actions (door-to-door, share a message, calling lists, events) etc!

And, there’s more! The web-platform, designed for managers, counts with powerful data analysis tools, people and actions management, and is integrated with NationBuilder. Your contacts and data are automatically synced into your nation so you can seamlessly mobilize both online and on the ground.


From 65€ on a pay-as-you grow model.
Don’t pay twice the price. We have a special bundle offer NationBuilder + Quorum. Feel free to ask us about it.


Rodrigo de Casas · ·

About the app

  • Multiple languages available. Get the mobile app in your language. 
  • Servers in Europe, GDPR compliant, 7/7 Support and training.
  • Special Bundle offer for NationBuilder users
  • Data-Enhanced Groundwork (availability depends on geographical areas - just ask us) : Get map dashboard, analyse socio-political data on your territories and identify high-priority profiles through our algorithms to target and prioritize your actions in the field.
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