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MeetUp Repeating Events fail to detect RSVPs in NB event

It's great that we can link MeetUp events to NB events and have RSVPs just flow through to NB, bringing in user profiles automagically. It is our #1 method of NB supporter acquisition.

However, for MeetUp events that repeat, even when we give NB the specific MeetUp event URL with a MeetUp event ID number embedded, MeetUp returns, in the RSS feed, items populated with the event series tag, an alphabetical string. As a result, NB doesn't recognize them as RSVPs for the event, even though they are being returned in response to a MeetUp API call for that event.

Ideal solution:Allow us to specify a MeetUp event URL for the repeating event, alphabetical rather than numeric, and properly link the RSVPs to the appropriate NB event by date.

Good-enough solution: properly process individual-event RSVPs that are part of a series.

Only current preventative workaround: manually duplicate MeetUp events and lose MeetUp's repeat-event functionality, including auto-labeling of future repeats of a given event in the MeetUp attendee-facing UI. Not practical for pre-existing repeating events with users already RSVPd, would auto-generate cancelation notices and induce confusion.

Current non-viable path: for each MeetUp event in a series, download attendee list (Excel), tweak, export as csv, upload, import to NB, then loop through and manually RSVP each user. Especially hard without search by MeetUp ID and common first-name-only MeetUp accounts. Repeat multiple times as event approaches to refresh.


Thanks for this one as well! This is very detailed and really helpful to jump start any future changes. 

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