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Recorded webinars

In this session, we will show you the tools and strategies you can use to turn followers into supporters.

Learn about the feature in NationBuilder that helps restrict permissions to certain control panel users and how this can be automated and managed by your admin.

What you'll learn:

  • Nonprofits and advocacy: Why to consider implementing a direct advocacy strategy
  • The best direct advocacy tools: Who they are and what they do
  • The benefits of these tools: How they amplify your work
  • Pricing: What they cost
  • Contact: Who to follow up with if any of these tools meet your needs

Every day we host NationBuilder Live at 10am Pacific time. This week we're recording every day one tab at a time! 

Learn how these quick tactics can take your #GivingTuesday strategy to the next level.

The internet makes it possible for anyone to publish a petition and spread it on social media, but there’s a big difference between just publishing a petition and actually organizing a successful petition campaign.