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Recorded webinars

For those in the nonprofit world, end-of-year fundraising has a way of sneaking up on you year after year, leaving you scrambling to pack a month of strategic planning into a matter of days or weeks. But we want this year to be different. We want to give you a strong foundation to kick off this giving season early so you can finish out 2021 with a bang.

In this webinar, Ashleigh Bergh, Enterprise Account Manager, and Sorcha Rochford, Director of Strategic Partnerships, cover:

  • Getting to know your supporters & deepening those relationships
  • Identifying your top advocates & equipping them to take action
  • Using historical benchmarks to craft your fundraising strategy
  • Creating personalized 1:1-style email campaigns at scale

In this webinar, we cover the NationBuilder tools that make it possible to send personalised emails that resonate with each of your supporters. From personalised subject lines (which are 26% more likely to be opened) and smart fields to using liquid to dynamically display whole blocks of content and calls to action depending on each supporter’s profile information  (such as their geography, donation history, activity history or otherwise)––and how to bring those elements together to create a more powerful user engagement journey.

You can also check out our full guide on this topic here. 

Each day at NationBuilder we facilitate and hear stories of leaders building and organising their communities. 

In this event, we heard from speakers who have championed issues such as advocating human rights, environmental sustainability and increasing female representation across decision-making positions across Africa, featuring:

Adding a cookie banner to your website is a legal requirement in many countries. And even when it’s not required, it’s best practice to be transparent with your website visitors about cookies to establish trust and empower them to take an active role.

This 30-minute webinar provides an overview of our new cookie banner integration, built in partnership with Cookiebot. Using this feature, you can enable a banner on your website that will automatically audit your site for all cookies that may be loaded. 

Your community is your most powerful resource when it comes to making an impact as a business––and keeping them engaged is key to scaling any stakeholder engagement program. In this virtual event, we're joined by leading industry experts from the energy and public utilities sector to explore community engagement tactics and best practices for a successful stakeholder engagement program. We explore questions like:

  • Why it’s important to build community as a corporation
  • Which new engagement tactics are worth keeping post-pandemic
  • Top mediums for engaging your audience
  • Building relationships with elected officials and regulatory bodies

Bringing in new supporters is a key driver to any movement. In 2021, we're seeing campaigns and organizations change their approach to acquisition as limitations on social media advertising continue to grow. But there is a valuable acquisition tool in everyone's bucket that is often underutilized––your existing supporters. 

84% of people say they trust friend referrals over other types of marketing (Nielsen). And that's why utilizing NationBuilder's recruiter tools is so important as you empower your top supporters to do this important work for you. In this webinar, you’ll discover why recruiting is important, how it works, and what tools to harness to make it easy for supporters to recruit.

Making it possible for anyone, anywhere to take actionto lead their community, to start an organization, a campaign, a business, a movementis why NationBuilder exists. This mission is why we do what we do everyday, and it's why we're so excited to have announced that Action Button (Speakable) is now a part of NationBuilder! (Read our CEO Lea Endres’ thoughts on the acquisition in her letter to the NationBuilder community.) 

Discover how Action Button and NationBuilder can help you engage with your community from the moment they are ready to take action. From quizzes to sentiment polls, voter registration to contacting legislators, action buttons are a simple yet powerful way to find and engage supporters. And together with NationBuilder, those initial actions can become pathways of engagement that help leaders everywhere build flourishing communities. 

You can review the slides from the webinar here. This webinar covers the following themes:

  • What is Action Button? 
  • How does it add value to the current NationBuilder experience?
  • Example buttons, website placement, tag activity, filters, path movement, etc. 

Are you ready for your end-of-financial-year fundraising appeal? If you’re still looking for inspiration, Ella Nugraha, Enterprise Account Manager and Flore Blondel-Goupil, Customer Engagement Manager be hosted this webinar to help you with your strategy and get ready for the big deadline. 

This webinar covers the following themes:

  • How to plan your end of year appeal 
  • Best practices for your digital fundraising
  • Managing your workflows in NationBuilder 
  • How to increase your revenue by letting your donors cover the fees 

Running for office can feel like taking a big leap of faith––and we’re all about sharing the tools and resources that make the campaign journey feel approachable and clear, ultimately making that leap a little less intimidating.

In this webinar, Sorcha Rochford, Director of Strategic Partnerships, and Jay Godfrey, VP of Customer Success, share their 20+ years of combined experience in the political space to bring you all the information you need to run a successful political campaign.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Find the offices for which you’re eligible to run
  • Launch an action-oriented campaign site
  • Identify your supporters and GOTV
  • Mobilize your constituents from day one
  • Create a successful fundraising strategy
  • And so much more

Vos bénévoles peuvent permettre à votre campagne de démultiplier sa portée sans avoir à investir massivement. Lors de ce webinar, nous explorons les différentes stratégies et fonctionnalités qui permettent de distribuer les responsabilités pour accroître l'impact de vos actions en ligne et sur le terrain.