Donations made via URL with recruiter link sometimes add the profile's pre-existing recruiter as the donation fundraiser instead of the profile whose id is in the recruiter link

When a supporter already has a recruiter in a nation and they follow a link with a donation page with a different profile's recruiter link appended to it, the profile's recruiter should remain the same but the "Fundraiser" field of the donation should reflect the recruiter link from the URL.

For example, Hector is my recruiter and I receive an email from Jane that contains a link to the donation page (with Jane's recruiter link appended). If I click on that link and donate, my profile's recruiter should still read "Hector" but the fundraiser for the transaction should be listed as "Jane".

This is expected behavior and how it has behaved in my tests, but a customer has reported that a donor with a pre-existing recruiter donated and the fundraiser of the donation listed the name of her original recruiter instead of the person whose ID was in the recruiter link that she used.  What might have caused this?


This is definitely not the intended behavior. If you are experiencing this issue please email into with a specific example. 

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