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Facebook Integration Disruptions

As part of a recent comprehensive audit of third party integrations, Facebook has disabled our ability to integrate between platforms for a few specific functions, listed below. We are in communication with Facebook and will update here as we know more about timelines and what we can expect going forward. 

Outstanding issues related to Events:
  • Facebook events are not able to connect to NationBuilder
  • Facebook RSVPs aren't logging in nations
Facebook needs to be able to test our Event connection, however, we have some development work necessary to provide Facebook with their own testing environment to allow them to evaluate our application without interruptions to other aspects of our Facebook Integration. We do not currently have a timeline on when this will be complete. 

Outstanding issue related to Profiles:
  • Changes to Facebook's user IDs are causing issues with profiles

As of June 21st, 2019, Facebook has changed the way they assign user IDs from being app-scoped (1 Facebook ID per-person across all pages managed by the NationBuilder app) to being page-scoped (1 Facebook ID, per-person, per-Facebook page), and changed the way in which Profile Images are accessed by that new page-scoped ID.

This has resulted in a few changes to the way this data shows up in NationBuilder:

1. If someone interacted with your Broadcaster-linked Facebook page before June 21, 2019, and then interacted with the same page now, their original (now outdated) Facebook ID will be updated to reflect the new Facebook ID format. Subsequent Facebook Page interactions will be logged to this profile as normal.

For the month of July 2019, duplicate signup profiles would have been created for supporters who interacted with the Facebook page; now that we update the ID instead of create a duplicate profile, remaining duplicates will be automatically merged in the first half of August (you'll see a "merged by NationBuilder Support" activity stream item where this happens).

2. Profiles previously imported after a user interacted with a Broadcaster-linked Facebook page will no longer display their Facebook profile image in the nation, and the images will not be available moving forward when imported through Facebook interactions.

3. For users with 2+ Broadcaster-linked Facebook pages in the same page, a given supporter will now have a separate Facebook ID depending on which profile they interact with. As a result, if the profiles are merged, another profile will still be created in the future when that user interacts with one of the pages again. This only impacts Facebook pages that are targeting the same subset of users; Multiple pages that target different regions, districts, or other demographic subsets of users with their multiple Facebook pages in the same nation will not experience this profile duplication.

Please note that profiles with an email address that is then Matched to a given Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn profile will remain unchanged, and future additions of the same type will continue to be added with Profile Images; this change only impacts users added to the nation as a result of liking a post on a Broadcaster-linked Facebook page.

  • Facebook links on some profiles are broken
We have two ways of adding links in a profile to a person’s Facebook account:
  1. NationBuilder Match - matches a known email address to a particular Facebook profile/username. These links do now and should continue to resolve in the future.

  2. When a person logs into a nation via Facebook, or authorizes NationBuilder to have access to the Facebook profile. This method uses a link that contains an ID specific to that person’s Facebook profile that is also specific to the application that the person authorized to have access to their FB account. This is generally a string of numbers, and these are the links that currently do not resolve. We are at present considering our options moving forward on how to handle this given Facebook’s updated authorization and privacy policies.


Update October 1, 2019
Thank you all for your patience. We have an unfortunate but conclusive update from Facebook in regard to the Events integration. As a refresher, our access to their user events API was revoked last summer, and we have been through 10 or so rounds of their “app review” process trying to get it approved.

This time around, FaceBook let us know that there is an ongoing issue with their own user events API that they do not plan to fix. They also confirmed that no other vendors have access to this app permission. To put it simply, Facebook is no longer allowing the use case of aggregating RSVPs from outside of Facebook.

In the coming weeks, we will be doing work to remove references to the event from the control panel. None of the RSVP data that was previously imported will be removed, but forms and fields on new event pages will no longer have any references to Facebook.

Update July 31, 2019

The behavior causing Facebook supporters to be re-imported as Facebook-only duplicate profiles as a result of Facebook's ID format change has been addressed, and duplicate profiles that can be confidently merged will be automatically merged in the first half of August 2019.

The above information under 'Changes to Facebook's user IDs are causing issues with profiles' has been updated to reflect this.

Update June 27, 2019

Please see above for additional information under 'Changes to Facebook's user IDs are causing issues with profiles'.

Update May 7, 2019
Hello all - we submitted to Facebook about 8 weeks ago and are waiting for them to respond. 
We understand that this continues to be a frustrating issue and have reached out to all of our personal contacts at Facebook. As we are organizers at heart, we wanted to ask you, our community, for any connections that you might have at Facebook to help push our application forward. If you know anyone who can help please email us at Thank you! 

Update February 26, 2019
We have re-submitted for events permissions and are now waiting for Facebook’s feedback.

February update from Jason Meer - Director of Product
We take our community’s feedback very seriously and recognize the value many of you derive from importing engagement data from Facebook. Regaining access to Facebook event RSVPs hasn’t moved forward as quickly as we would like, and both NationBuilder and Facebook own a piece of the delay. I’ll share what we’re doing to rectify the situation
Our team is actively working on setting up a copy of our software that Facebook can access to confirm that our event RSVP importer complies with their Platform Policy. We need to do this because Facebook won’t allow us to submit for review on the version of our software that you use.
We expect to have this copy set up by February 15th, at which point we will immediately submit for review. Over the past year, we’ve been through several of these reviews with Facebook to restore access to various pieces of our integration. The Facebook developer community indicates that the reviews are currently being completed by Facebook within a few days or weeks of submission, instead of the months they were taking when Facebook required all developers to re-submit for review in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. We’ll update again as soon as we’ve submitted and any time we hear back from Facebook.

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