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Endorsement page 'comments' field appearance should be independent of Allow Comments? site setting

We were trying to figure out why, on a theme I developed, the comments field on the endorsements page was appearing fine, but when the theme was shared to the client's website, the comment field disappeared. We figured it out: someone on the client team turned off 'Allow Comments' sitewide a few weeks ago, not imagining that it would affect the endorsement form's comment field. (In the meantime 70+ people have endorsed without giving comments and we have to track those folks down for some comments now.) We can get that Endorsement comments field back on the endorsement template by turning 'Allow Comments' on sitewide. But because every other page has comments checked by default, it's a bit of a slog manually through turning off commenting on all of the blog entries one by one - since we don't want comments anywhere else on the site. (Also - it's now another thing for a team member to remember to disable, when posting a new blog post.) My request: I think that the endorsement page would be easier to use if the comment field on the endorsement form was turned off/on at the page level. The endorsement comment is conceptually different from regular comments on pages. Regular comments fall below all the page content. But endorsement comments are different: they accompany a form submission for something else. If you implemented a "endorsement comments on/off checkbox" at the page level on the endorsement template, it seems like it would belong in the "Ask for volunteers" / "Ask for address" checkbox group on the endorsement page Settings panel.

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