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Tags should have meta data fields, website tag slugs should be changeable

I think it would be great if tags had "meta data fields" like some other

CMS systems have. I would like (need actually) to easily associate the

following fields with a tag:


— a block of text (that could be used as a description)

— an image

— a notes field (that only is displayed internally, so you can describe

what a tag is used for, add notes to it, etc.)

— a slug field that would be changeable (presently, the slug is not

changeable after you create the tag, but gets displayed on the website in

the URL after /tags/ . This is strange, because people tag slugs are



The 'meta data' fields wouldn't have to be super-customizable like some

other CMS taxonomy term fields are, but this set of basic fields in

Nationbuilder would let us:


— have tags tell more of a story on a page for a tag page (tags_show

template), with text and and an associated image

— manage tag taxonomies better with internal notes, particularly between

team members

— not have to remove/redo tagging just because the URL / slug was



Presently I can associate a tag with an image but it's a workaround that

involves me having the tag's image on another server.


This is something we will consider but does not have a timeline at the moment.

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