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Use social capital to reward supporters, when their recruits take key actions

Arguably the most important thing a supporter can do for an organization is to recruit other supporters. You can, of course, track these recruiting activities in NationBuilder. But currently, when a supporter's recruited signup recruits someone else, the original supporter doesn't get credit - even though the UI of NationBuilder's social capital settings page suggests it would. This documentation confirms that the original recruiter does not get social capital when one of their recruits, recruits someone else: It would be really powerful to use social capital to track this. This helps you more accurately reflect the value of the initial recruiter's work to grow the nation. If John recruits Mary, and then Mary becomes a super active supporter herself, John's indirect value should be updated - especially when Mary's activities include additional recruiting.


This is a really cool suggestion and an opportunity to really watch your community flourish in NationBuilder. This is something we will consider but don't have a timeline for at the moment.

We are closely watching the number of followers and reactions on all Public Issues so please share with your community and encourage them to engage.

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