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BUG: Data from input fields on Signup and Petition pages not saving for signed in users.

Input fields on Signup & Petition pages are not saving data for signed in users. Some of the affected fields include:

  • email
  • mobile number
  • address
  • country

There may be more fields/page types affected by this bug, but these are the ones I have identified so far. It appears to be affecting multiple websites across multiple nations, and has significant implications for the integrity of supporter data.


Update: It is expected that the fields would not update when the user is sorta_logged_in - as anyone would be able to enter an email address and make changes to someone else's profile. We will update here when the issue is fixed for logged_in.

Thanks! We are testing this and it is in our pipeline.

I tested it and the email field didn't update on a petition when I was signed in but the comment did save. If you have any specific examples please let us know.

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