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CampaignNOW is a new NationBuilder app that allows your supporters to quickly and easily communicate a position to decision makers. Take advantage of CampaignNOW's messaging power and your nation’s ability to track and maintain relationships with your supporters.

Change occurs when people get together to send a unified message. CampaignNOW gives you an easy way to scale yourcampaignnow-logo-high-res.png messaging and give your supporters the power to send that message personally to the decision makers. 

All you need is that first email. Write your message and decide on your target – whether that is a Congressman, the CEO of a company, or even the head of your local PTA. CampaignNOW will generate a code snippet that you can post on your website. Supporters can use the CampaignNOW widget on your site to send an email directly from their personal address. CampaignNOW takes your message and lets your supporters amplify it for you. 

The integration with NationBuilder allows you to sync contact data, custom fields, and tags back to your nation. When a supporter submits the email, a new person record is created for them in your NationBuilder database. So, while you are increasing your impact with CampaignNOW, you won’t lose any of that valuable data. Get started using CampaignNOW with NationBuilder here.

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