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Allow blogs to limit posts by tag

I appreciate that NationBuilder allows you to create multiple blogs on your site, and aggregate all of them using the option "Show all blog posts on the site, not just the ones under this blog." However, there is no option to load a blog based upon tag, like you can with a Calendar ("Only include events with one of these tags"), which significantly limits the versatility of these blogs. If NationBuilder could create a new option for blogs that allowed you to "Only include posts with one of these tags", there would be a range of applications for this feature that would improve content management on the site. First, it would allow you to create a publishing workflow for your user submitted posts. Currently, if you allow users to submit a post, and have a blog that aggregates all posts, there is no option to moderate a post before it appears on the aggregated blog, leaving your nation exposed to anyone posting content on your site. If this option existed, you could use the tag 'approved' and then only load posts with that tag in the blogs across your site. Second, in our nation we make use of blogs as categories, allowing us to do more than than basic tag archives allow (such as include category description, have sub pages, use feature content sliders, etc). Sometimes we have posts that should sit within multiple blogs/categories, but cannot do so without some undesirable Liquid hackery that limits your ability for pagination and requires a theme dev to implement as it requires you to modify Liquid for each different context you want to use this in. For such a small change, that already had precedent in the Calendar page type, this would vastly improve the blogging options on a site.


Thanks for the suggestion. It sounds like there are two problems here: 1.) moderating blog content is difficult and 2.) blogs that fit in two categories cannot exist in both places without "Liquid hackery". I definitely see how implementing the same functionality as Calendar pages could be useful here. We will take this into consideration but don't have a timeline at the moment.

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