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commented on Improve automated email options for membership expiration process
If you’re using CampaignSync and Mailchimp, I have a hidden feature to sync membership statuses over so you can do this through Mailchimp’s automation.
posted 2018-11-06 11:05:52 -0800
commented on Single sign in for apps
Any update on this? I just went through adding some integrations to our nation and was reminded of what a sub-par experience it was to have to set up separate accounts.
posted 2018-08-17 05:29:24 -0700
commented on Webhooks intermittently not firing
I’ve been noticing this, too. Yesterday a customer contacted me that my integration wasn’t working as expected, and I traced it back to her doing a tag update and me not receiving the webhooks.

FWIW it’s not as if no webhooks come in — I’m constantly getting webhooks so I know they’re firing, I’m just not getting all the hooks I’m suposed to.

posted 2017-12-07 03:38:37 -0800
commented on API: Configure fields returned by people index endpoint
Hey Andrew I don’t know the specifics of your app, but have you considered webhooks? You can have NB tell you when people are added/updated/deleted in real time.

Other than that, yea, graphql handles this really well!
posted 2017-11-05 06:16:08 -0800
published GraphQL API in Product suggestions
posted 2017-11-02 07:45:26 -0700
commented on How can I find a list of a nation's membership types?
Hi Kev, how do I change this to a feature request? It’s really limiting for third party integrations to not be able to get a list of memberships, my only real option is to request everyone’s memberships and take the union.


posted 2017-10-31 10:48:53 -0700
commented on Membership information not coming back from the API.
Hi Katy,

Right now my integration is able to run without many calls to NationBuilder as it’s just listening to Webhooks sending me people records (which also have NULLs for that data). But now I’d have to make a call for memberships for every webhook that comes in. Technically possible of course but I’m not sure if the overhead justifies supporting memberships in my product.

If we can’t rely on the membership fields coming from the person record, could you please update the documentation and even remove it from the responses and webhooks? My objection at this point is that incorrect documentation has sent my user, and then me, down a rabbit hole trying to figure out why the membership information isn’t being processed correctly.


posted 2017-05-24 17:22:57 -0700
commented on People Credentials
Arion does that let us identify a particular user? I think what’s being asked is: if I have a staffer in my Nation named Fred, can Fred come to my third party app and log in with his NationBuilder credentials?

Oauth would let me link my application to my nation, and if the user is an admin, make API calls. I suppose I could get people to try and authorize my app anyway and throw away the key after which would tell me they belong to my nation and have control panel access, but I don’t know how I’d ever identify them. And I don’t think I want them authorizing the application every time they want to log in.
posted 2014-08-04 20:53:08 -0700
commented on Sync People/Lists with MailChimp Lists has been operational for a while now. It has some fairly advanced features to copy fields and tags from NationBuilder over to merge fields in MailChimp too, so you can use the advanced segmentation and testing features that MailChimp gives you.
posted 2016-12-06 06:54:29 -0800
commented on Theme API to Support Easy Theme Creation / Updates
We’ve found the theme editor to be unusable when there is more than one person as it’s too easy to overwrite someone else’s changes. A public API would at least let us have some command line tools to manage synchronization.
posted 2014-05-16 08:20:14 -0700