Service issues with Facebook connection

We are currently experiencing some service delays with our Facebook integration - specifically with log-in and social share.

You may also experience issues with Facebook profiles loading on NationBuilder profiles, Facebook matching, logging into a nation via Facebook and social sharing to Facebook. 


Update 2/16/16 5:27 PT: This has been fixed for all nations! Facebook integration is now working as expected. If you are still experiencing issues please report in the comments below. 

Update 2/15/17 4pm PT: We are still working on the fix for all nations and will update when it is complete. 

We will have the ability to enable Facebook log-in and social share capabilities manually as soon as we receive the OK from Facebook. We are currently compiling a list of nations to manually enable - If you'd like to be added to this list please email your slug to 

Follow our status page for updates.

We will update here once completed. 

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