Make the editing/formatting bar persist when scrolling down in the new WYSIWYG

The new WYSIWYG is great, but one good thing about the old one got lost: in the old one, as you scroll down a long web page body or email body, the bar allowing you to control the format (Normal / Header / Blockquote, text align, etc) would persist at the top even as you scrolled. Now it doesn't persist, and you have to scroll way up to get those things. Now, that would be fine if right-click would let you get to all possible formatting that was at the top, but it doesn't. You can do links, images, bold, italic, tables, etc by right-clicking in-line (which is great), but you still can't change something from Normal to Heading 1 etc without scrolling all the way back up. If the bar followed you down like the old one did, that would be excellent.

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