Unable to connect Dropbox account to NationBuilder if signup profile name contains an apostrophe

I am unable to connect my Dropbox account from Settings > Apps > Dropbox. I get the error message "Unable to connect Dropbox account" after it comes back from authorizing with Dropbox (which does happen successfully as I can see the NB app listed in Dropbox's authorized apps.) Tried in multiple browsers, incognito and regular mode. No dice.


Update 3/28/17 -

We've received some reports of issues with connecting Dropbox to a nation that previously had a slug change. In this instance, it's necessary to right click the "Connect account" button, copy the link address, and then paste it into a text editor. Once there, you'll want to change the old slug name that will be in the URL string to the new slug, and then paste that into your browser. Please note that the folder created in your nb_sync folder for this nation will have the name of the old slug, not the new one.


Update 3/22/17 from Brian's comment below -

If anyone else is having the same issue, please try removing any apostrophes or uncommon characters from the name on your signup profile. Sid found that removing the apostrophe from his last name did the trick. 

We will continue to look into this to make sure that this was the issue (and hopefully fix it), but I figured this tip will help in the meantime.

Thank you Sid - I've passed the info you emailed in along to the Dropbox theme thank you for sending in a screencast of what you are seeing. I will let you know as this issue progresses. 

If you are also seeing this please let us know here so we can help investigate.

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