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Preview mode not displaying template corresponding to theme

I'm working on a new theme for an existing website, and am using preview mode to preview the theme as I build it. The theme is not live. I'm previewing a signup page without a custom page template, so it should be using the pages_show_signup_wide.html template which corresponds to my new Bootstrap framework theme.

I was confused why I wasn't seeing changes made to this template, and when I inspect element, I notice that the HTML does not reflect the pages_show_signup_wide.html from a Bootstrap framework based theme. I suspect Preview is pulling in the page template from the live theme, not the theme I'm previewing. This is blocking me from working on a theme which isn't already live on my site.


This has been fixed!

Thanks Jesse, we have found the issue that is causing this problem and are planning on fixing the underlying problem.

Thanks for reporting this issue. We are currently looking into what could cause this problem and will update you with any information.

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