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commented on Make multiple membership type page easy
Nancy – I’m the person who wrote our membership documentation. I’m trying to finish a different rewrite today and will be on vacation next week. My goal is to complete this request by September 9.
posted 2016-08-26 11:53:58 -0700
tagged Notify receiving nation of pending tag share with bug
posted 2016-08-26 09:29:22 -0700
published Understanding subnations in redirect old pages
posted 2016-07-14 10:06:57 -0700
commented on More Donor Finance Information Readily Accessible
There is a filter for lifetime donation amount in the People section, but there are no time-based filters for total donated. On a related note, being able to set up campaign time frames for amount fundraised would greatly help personal fundraising pages / keeping track of fundraising over time.
posted 2016-06-22 16:15:51 -0700
commented on Field selection for exports
David commented on the batch update HOWTO: "The export [a list] by households description is misleading. It exports all people in the household, not just the people in the list. So 2 students in a house of 20 gets addressed as Resident, not A and B.

We need a way to create mailings by household only for our members in that household, not everyone."
posted 2016-06-10 15:59:43 -0700
commented on An open-source guide to designing on NationBuilder
I’ve been dreaming about this being available since I started working in NationBuilder as a customer 5 years ago. I hope the design community will continue to expand this open source guide. Your real world insights into using NationBuilder to help lead people to action are incredibly helpful. Thank you!!
posted 2016-06-08 10:19:56 -0700
responded to Can I do mobile canvassing with NationBuilder? with completed
posted 2016-06-07 17:38:54 -0700
published How to charge for memberships in redirect old pages
posted 2016-06-05 15:20:25 -0700
responded to Allow donors to update credit card information or cancel recurring donations with considering
posted 2016-06-03 15:54:31 -0700
responded to Can the Donation page offer both one-time AND monthly donation options? with duplicate
posted 2016-06-03 15:13:47 -0700
responded to new recurring donation function on same page as donation page with started
posted 2017-10-14 13:06:12 -0700