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responded to Allow Liquid Variables in Email Subject Lines and Allow Customization with completed
posted 2015-08-06 16:11:34 -0700
commented on address
Benjamin, I know Jeff responded on the settings variable page.

I also updated the documentation to give the correct example of settings.address.one_line
posted 2015-07-28 15:43:07 -0700
commented on Discrete boxes for user address entry fields, instead of one entry box with comma separators
Mark, the way to request individual address fields is explained in the new HOWTO I appreciate that you would prefer the functionality be changed by default in all action pages, but I think this solution does actually work.

There is a logic behind how the user-submitted address field works. I understand that you don’t agree with that logic, but the persistence in the above response is to ensure that if other people come to this page, they understand the thinking behind how NationBuilder works.
posted 2015-07-22 15:51:09 -0700
commented on signup
Joel, use a dash or underscore to represent spaces in a tag.

I updated the above listing: intern, leader, staffer, and admin were the hard-coded permission sets, available several years ago before customized permission sets launched. You can still use is_intern? to check if the signup has control panel access. Similarly, the admin permission set still exists: it is the highest level of permission in a nation and is_admin? checks if the signup is an admin.
posted 2015-07-17 10:51:23 -0700
published How do I import vote history in redirect old pages
posted 2015-07-02 10:24:01 -0700
published Other software in redirect old pages
posted 2015-06-22 11:51:15 -0700
published How to import donor history in redirect old pages
posted 2015-06-16 14:46:43 -0700