Some recurring donations are noted in the payment processor but not in NationBuilder

There have been some instances where NationBuilder missed the initial note from payment processors regarding recurring donations - causing customers to see recurring donations in the payment processor but not in their nation. 


Update 7/18/17:

Please contact us at for help and suggestions on how to clean up your donation data if you are still experiencing this issue. 

Update 2/3/17:

In January, we reached out to all customers following this issue to backfill their donation records.

Moving forward, recurring donations processed through PayPal are expected to be accurately displayed within the Finances section. We are actively working on a more permanent solution to the infrequent issues experienced using

If you believe there is a discrepancy in your nation's historical data, please contact and we will work to resolve the issue.

Update 12/5/16:

We are working on a backfill system where via the donation API we will essentially do a double check with payment processors to backfill anything that might have been missed. This will both fill in older donations that were not recorded in NationBuilder and make sure that any future recurring donations are recorded correctly. 

Update 10/25/16:

Our engineers are now alpha testing a script that would backfill missing recurring donation activities. We've reached out to a few customers to test these solutions, and should have more details soon.

Update 11/10/16:

We're still in the midst of testing to make sure all kinks are ironed out. The goal is to make sure that our backfill process is precise before we move forward with all customers. We appreciate your patience as we continue carefully navigating this process.


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