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Sr. Director of Strategic Partnerships

Sorcha is the Sr. Director of Strategic Partnerships at NationBuilder. She manages customer relationships and strategic partnerships for a host of the most influential political, brand, and non-profit organizations around the globe. She is a political strategy leader, committed to building community in an effort to develop more effective leaders from all walks of life. 

Sorcha currently lives and works in Boston, MA.  She completed her undergraduate degree in Political Science and History at the University of Portsmouth in England before relocating to Boston, Massachusetts. At 22 she became the youngest member of her graduating class to receive a Master’s in Political Science from Suffolk University. 

Prior to joining NationBuilder, Sorcha worked as a Senior Associate of Dewey Square Group where she developed and managed grassroots organizations for a variety of candidates, ballot initiatives, businesses, and non-profits. Sorcha has also served as a political advisor on a number of federal, state and municipal campaigns across New England.

Currently, Sorcha serves her communities in the following capacities. US Ambassador for the British and Irish Trading Alliance, as a board member for Suffolk University Alumni and the Boston & New England Rose of Tralee. She is also the co-host of the Unapologetic Women podcast.


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