Donations currently go through as "payments" not ""donations" in PayPal.

Donations currently go through from NationBuilder and show up in PayPal as payments. That is an error. Donations should be going through as actual donations in the PayPal system, but they show up as payments and the user also gets sent a PayPal email receipt for a payment made though NationBuilder does send a receipt for a donation. Our PayPal representative said that the error is caused by an error in NationBuilder's use of the PayPal API in that NationBuilder sends the transaction as a payment not a donation. This is causing our donors concern and also could jeopardize our tax exempt status as we are not selling goods and collecting payments, we are simply collecting donations. We had to make a workaround by just plunking the PayPal button onto a page of our NationBuilder website. The main reason we actually switched from an independent CMS was because of NationBuilder's API integration of PayPal and due to that, the donors automatically get put into the NationBuilder database. Because of the error on NationBuilder's end, we aren't able to use that feature. I implore you to fix this bug. One suggestion would be for users specifying donation, to have that checkbox trigger use of the donation method in the PayPal API. That way, all the other folks who are actually selling things could just keep the payment method as is. Please correct this error. Although we have truly loved the other features of NationBuilder, we are seriously considering leaving NationBuilder due to the severity of this issue. We feel deceived. Thanks for reading.


Sarah, I am sorry you feel deceived. This is a technical issue regarding how donation payments are processed by PayPal and none of our other nonprofit customers have raised concerns regarding our current integration with the PayPal API. Maya did discuss your concerns with our engineering team. 

We work constantly to improve the features in NationBuilder. In order to raise the priority level of the change you're requesting, we're asking the community to weigh in on the issue. Has this caused a problem for other nonprofits? The auto-reply email when someone makes a donation with an integrated donation processor via a donation page should work as a receipt of someone's contribution. Is there a reason that is not acceptable? 

We really do want to hear from the community, which is why Maya suggested adding this as a feature suggestion. Thank you for understanding.

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