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[Webinar Recording] Start early, finish strong: Strategies to help you hit the ground running this giving season

For those in the nonprofit world, end-of-year fundraising has a way of sneaking up on you year after year, leaving you scrambling to pack a month of strategic planning into a matter of days or weeks. But we want this year to be different. We want to give you a strong foundation to kick off this giving season early so you can finish out 2021 with a bang.

In this webinar, Ashleigh Bergh, Enterprise Account Manager, and Sorcha Rochford, Director of Strategic Partnerships, cover:

  • Getting to know your supporters & deepening those relationships
  • Identifying your top advocates & equipping them to take action
  • Using historical benchmarks to craft your fundraising strategy
  • Creating personalized 1:1-style email campaigns at scale