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commented on Support for SSL certificates?
Thanks so much. This was a huge relief for our organization.
posted 2018-01-03 17:39:09 -0800
commented on How does one create a sub page of a page through the API
Would love to see some drag and drop functionality for sub nav pages, such as a WordPress widget allows. The pages already exist as individual containers, and you sometimes need to put them in different Top Nav areas.

I’m working on this now with a Top Nav drop down I’ve always called Gallery. It contains years of photos and videos, broken down by years. It has become too unwieldy so I am now in the process of breaking the content into two new Top Nav groupings called Videos and Photos. I can just rename one Gallery to Videos for a new Top Nav menu item and remove all the photo pages from the sub page menu…..done, but unfortunately, due to NB’s limitations, I have to create a new Photos Top Nav menu item, and all brand new basic pages for the photos I have broken out by year.

This will be a pain because some of the photos are in carousels with code embedded in the template, along with single photos posted on the same page. Therefore, I will have to go into each old subpage template and copy the embed code….and move it to the new page. Then I have to go back to the same old subpage and copy all of the single photos in the content area, and hopefully paste them into the new page (if copy and paste doesn’t work I will need to download and upload). I have 4+ years of content to move. Obviously, it’s a lot of work I would really love some functionality to solve. Here’s hoping for future solutions. :>)
posted 2016-04-18 13:11:48 -0700
commented on Custom Public Sidebar
Thanks Ian. I am aware of the columns_2.html being the public sidebar, and it being customizable. I want to keep that container, but add links to pages that I don’t want in the top navigation. The reason I want to do this is that I don’t want my top nav to wrap into two lines. Can you suggest an example of code in the -columns2.html that could link to a page I’ve created?

I’m sad to hear that you cannot use the simple functionality of the supporter nav to link pages, because that is so easy, and would allow developers to create websites only without the intended support network aspect. I feel quite limited to only use the top navigation without making it visually messy.
posted 2013-07-24 12:11:20 -0700
commented on Sharing blog post images via social media
For my NB blog I can set the social image I want to use for each individual blog post which is important to me when I want to use different content-related social images that match up with the post. That works like a charm every time. When I don’t set a social image with the individual blog post, NB chooses a truncated portion of my hompage header image as the social image. I’m not sure why. In the past, NB used to use our logo, but it didn’t size properly in FB, and came out cut off. The homepage header is a new design element that was added in the last six months, so maybe NB prefers to grab that by because it is in excess of 600 pixels?

I’m mostly satisfied that I can share blog posts varying social image I choose…but it would be nice to know why NB grabs my header image. It probably has something to do with the size of the header vs. the size of the logo…so I’ll keep trying to find the magic proportion to force NB back to our logo.
posted 2016-07-07 18:24:33 -0700