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NationBuilder product issues and suggestions

We are constantly adding, refining and even removing features. Use this board to submit or search for an issue you’re experiencing or a feature you’d like to see added. You can also track an issue’s progress over time by following it.

Please use as many details as possible, including the steps required to reproduce it if applicable.

You will automatically be tracking the issue and will receive email updates throughout its progress.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.

nation builder has been blocked from Facebook

Allow saving of financial filters

Choosing fields in Export

GDPR Compliance forced Logout

Unable to connect a NB event to a FB event

Heightened security - two step verification

Broken hyperlinks in sent email blast

Add Custom Fields to Pages

Profiles with duplicate email addresses

cancelled recurring donors

Possibilty of EU address use in NB

Don't allow Custom Fields or Tags to be mapped in the Membership Importer

Ticket for $0

Control panel flash messages are in the wrong language

make deceased mean they are dead

"is not" filter option for 'last contact status'

Custom Fields Included in Email Notification