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NationBuilder product issues and suggestions

We are constantly adding, refining and even removing features. Use this board to submit or search for an issue you’re experiencing or a feature you’d like to see added. You can also track an issue’s progress over time by following it.

Please use as many details as possible, including the steps required to reproduce it if applicable.

You will automatically be tracking the issue and will receive email updates throughout its progress.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.

Official Facebook post comments are not logged as activities in NationBuilder

Google AMP is Not Supported by NationBuilder

Email blast Newsletter repository/view in browser

Insert/delete table rows and columns in WYSIWYG editor

Documentation Request: Do Not Contact and Do Not Receive Email impact on Notifications emails

Add native NationBuilder website search

Event Maximum Capacity does not limit number of tickets sold

Standard Checkbox 'No Mailing'

Autodistricting on Different Address Fields

Option to lock first/last names (or other certain details) from being changed by signup forms

Recurring donor detail (address, phone, email) is not editable

Webhooks intermittently not firing

Webhooks for donation-succeeded are not being sent

Reports of WYSIWYG editor not allowing user to select images

Filter enabled so that 'Step assigned to' and 'Step overdue' scope one another

Dashboard of a contact shows limited information (more logging necessary)

Allow survey pages to use split address fields and populate mailing address

Allow anonymous users who have a profile in your database to fill in surveys without logging in

Allow Birthdates without Year

"Clear order" on a ticketed event page subtracts the RSVP and ticket value