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NationBuilder product issues and suggestions

We are constantly adding, refining and even removing features. Use this board to submit or search for an issue you’re experiencing or a feature you’d like to see added. You can also track an issue’s progress over time by following it.

Please use as many details as possible, including the steps required to reproduce it if applicable.

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Canada eh!

Upload images directly in WYSIWYG Editor

provide a way to change my avatar

Moderate content

Call View RSVP and Logged Info

NationBuilder should allow connecting of spouses

donation by check

Tags and search for recurring imports

Tags in overview of list

Connect to LinkedIn

match facebook

New fields needed: Congressional District, etc.

Remove address field from donation forms

Assign Political Capital Based on Membership Levels

Custom URL Shortener for FaceTweets etc!

It would be nice to be able to be able to export voter history

option to show exact time stamp as opposed to approximation in feeds

Add tag via URL