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NationBuilder product issues and suggestions

We are constantly adding, refining and even removing features. Use this board to submit or search for an issue you’re experiencing or a feature you’d like to see added. You can also track an issue’s progress over time by following it.

Please use as many details as possible, including the steps required to reproduce it if applicable.

You will automatically be tracking the issue and will receive email updates throughout its progress.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.

Back end sorting of events by date

Language Drop-down

Adding GoogleMaps to the front end.

Redirect in new window tickbox

Clone Site

Parameters for (for Scribd and others)

Meta Image variable for pages

An unedited list of all nationbulder sites

Dynamic control of big buttons

Extend membership when already a member

Recuring payments with Democracy Engine

User definable custom variables

Google Plus pages integration to Broadcast Messages

Multiple choice for self-tagging on signup pages

The ability to caption photos in the photo editor.

Adding a spouse

Add URL links to Images